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Top 6 Marketing Ideas To Increase Sales During Diwali!

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Diwali Marketing Post

Top 6 Marketing Ideas To Increase Sales During Diwali!

We know Diwali as the festival of lights and prosperity. From October to November, you can sense the spirit of Diwali in the air. There is a bustle of purchasing in the markets both online and offline. The best time of year to concentrate on your business and reap the most rewards for sales growth is NOW.

How will you increase sales, is the question? Here in this blog, we are going to discuss these 6 points in detail.

  1. Online Presence
  2. Social Media presence
  3. Diwali offers
  4. Loyalty programs
  5. Digital Payment
  6. Personalized Diwali greeting

Many owners of traditional businesses think that an important chunk of their annual total in retail sales occurs around Diwali. Companies battle with one another to grab a larger share of the Diwali sale. 

Continue reading to learn easy strategies you may apply to enjoy the advantages of coming festivities.

1. Online Presence

Today, when digitalization is at its height. Online shoppers are growing by 82% yearly. Even the smallest businesses are beginning to understand the benefits of online marketing.

If you own a small business but don’t have a website, now is the time to get one. While you are selling offline, establish your online presence by becoming a registered seller. For every need, consumers are now starting their primary search online. You may have the best product, but you must showcase it on your website as the saying goes “Jo Dikhta Hai Wohi Bikta Hai”.

Have a very relevant landing page that is in sync with the festival to make people feel joy while shopping for your brand.

Your job does not end once you have created a website and are visible online. The following step would be to establish a social media presence.

2. Social Media Presence

The global consumer base for social media is currently the largest. Many companies are succeeding with solely the help of social media. It is the real game these days. Nothing draws attention like bright, colorful product photos and social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are ideal for displaying them.

During Diwali, expand your product selection and promote it on your social media. Offer unique packaging and promotions during Diwali. You may not add new products, but marketing your current ones can impact your sales.

Create hashtags like #BestGiftThisDiwali and offer products that can be presented as gifts if you own an electronics store. Promote yourself uniquely.

You won’t believe the increase in your sales if you invest in creating your social media professionally. So if you can do so, hire a qualified social media agency to assist you in building engagement.

3. Diwali Offers

Offer discounts throughout Diwali in your store and online. There is a sizable consumer base that is attracted. Concentrate on the fact that festivals are a time when people are prepared to spend money. Once you understand consumer behavior for your products, you will predict your sales promptly.

Find out which of your products sells the best. Combine the best- and the worst-selling products to balance your inventory. Create events and hampers filled with your goods that consumers find hard to resist. Provide different options like:

  • Gift Cards
  • Combo deals 
  • Discount over a specific sum
  • Gift with a minimum purchase amount

4. Loyalty Programs

A loyalty program for your company is always a smart move. You might start this Diwali and can also continue your business throughout the year. Every firm has devoted customers who prefer to make all of their purchases from you. Why not acknowledge them?

You can also have a good customer service section where people can discuss their positive reviews and difficulties, or even get help to order the items.

Make your clients feel valued. Communicating with your customers and earning their trust is critical regardless of the size of your organization. You can accomplish that by taking the steps listed below.

  • Have reward points
  • Make them a unique disc card.
  • Send them regular updates.
  • Organize a community group online

5. Start Using a Digital Payment Method

Giving your buyers multiple payment options improves their shopping experience. It also ensures you have a steady stream of money coming into your business throughout the month.

You need not worry because these outflows are automatically transferred to your bank account and digitally tracked. Having this is also helpful when applying for a business loan. Providing financiers with enough information on your revenue and investments to assess your economic stability.

  • Paytm Business account
  • Google pay Business
  • PhonePe
  • Amazon Pay

Create any other UPI-linked payment application, which is simple, fast, and suitable for buyers.

6. Personalized Diwali Greetings

Last but not least, include Happy Diwali messages on all of your products and social media accounts. Send festival greetings that are exclusively created for your brand on different holidays, not just Diwali. This is where you build a strong presence. 

  • Diwali Videos
  • Happy Diwali quotes
  • Best Diwali wishes

Get Sparkling Diwali Offers Posters from Brands.live!

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This Diwali, let your marketing strategy shine bright with our exclusive Diwali offers. Our finely crafted Diwali offer templates go beyond mere discounts and promotions; they’re about creating unforgettable experiences for your customers.

With Diwali posts, Diwali videos, and Diwali business posts at your fingertips, elevate your brand’s Diwali celebration like never before. Say no to the ordinary, and let’s sparkle together!


You can also use Brands.live to change your packaging and include personalized Diwali greeting cards on it. Stunning free templates are available for free. To make a big impression, consider including a little packet of decorative lights or diyas in your shipment.

These seemingly insignificant details make a big impact. Shopping for Diwali is a major event for both consumers and retailers across India. You can make plans to take advantage of this holiday season and the current trend of internet shopping to increase your sales. Make your consumers happy when they purchase from you, and you will receive your fair share of joy to celebrate this Diwali at home.

Every year, several innovative ideas and thoughts follow the trend and influence customers to change the way they celebrate Diwali. We can discover many business ideas to find the most popular concept of this festival. If you have some creative Diwali marketing ideas and want to generate revenue, Diwali is the best time to turn your concept into a profitable business.



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