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How Small Businesses Can Grow Sales During Diwali

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How Small Businesses Can Grow Sales During Diwali

Diwali is India’s most important festival, celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm. As India advances in digitization, e-commerce has redefined Diwali shopping for Indian customers. Let’s discuss Small Businesses’ Key Strategies to increase their sales this holiday season.

While brands spend their best deals on this festival, customers wait all year long to buy big-ticket items during Diwali. Diwali is a celebration of gifts, sweets, and shopping. The tradition of giving is not limited to friends and family; Corporate gifts are another popular tradition.


Five Ways To Increase Sales This Year

Everything is selling like hotcakes this season, from electronics to jewelry to clothing. Use these strategies to increase revenue for your business.

  • Team Up With The Giants.

Now is an excellent time to seize the opportunity if you are a Small Business but do not have a website. While you sell offline, being a registered seller on Amazon, Flipkart or Shopclues can bring you more customers and a new source of income.

As Amazon and Flipkart pull up their socks to meet peak demand this year, it’s easier for smaller sellers to stock up – especially if you’re selling: Gift items, Clothes, and Jewels, as all of these, are in high demand during Diwali.

  • Consider a Market Execution Service.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a program offered by Amazon that allows third-party sellers to use Amazon’s infrastructure to store their inventory. For these products, ancillary operations such as packaging, shipping, and customer service are all handled by Amazon. Flipkart offers a similar service.

 If you are already a seller in these marketplaces, you can get out of the mess and appear in these top Diwali search results by signing up for their fulfillment programs. Of course, this service has a fee. But the traffic expected during Diwali can quickly cover it, leaving you with a more significant profit and surely will Grow Sales.

  • Expand Your Product Range

What if you don’t sell the favorite items mentioned above? Try to find giveaway opportunities in your current product line.

 Let’s say you’re selling trees – you could start a ‘Celebrate Diwali Zero Pollution’ campaign. Say no to crackers. Donate a tree today! ‘ The target of such a promotion would be business buyers buying in bulk as gifts for their customers and employees. Even if you don’t directly sell popular gift items, you create a meaningful connection between your product and the theme of the Diwali gift.

 Expanding your product line to Diwali isn’t a bad idea if you can’t. What do you need to sell? A product fulfills a needOne way to sell it. Your customers won’t mind a small gift booth in front of your store. It can even bring in more visitors to your business and 

  • Go On Social Media

 Nothing captures attention like bold product photos – and social media like Facebook and Instagram are the perfect place to show them off. If you sell beautiful home decor or gifts, create social media pages with professional photography of your products, each linking to your website. Post regularly during the weeks leading up to Diwali, offer gift suggestions, and share recipes and decorating tips.

 You can also sell items directly from your business’s Facebook Marketplace or Instagram through shoppable tags that you add to your product photos, as everyone knows the importance of Branding.

  • Offer Special Discount

Discounts are the central attraction of all the Diwali hype. Some popular options to consider for your business. This way, you can quickly sell items that are less in demand by combining them with more attractive products.

For most companies, the ideal discount is between 10 and 20 percent of the product price. Learn more here about how setting discounted pricing still allows you to make a profit.

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