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Tips to Convert Diwali Shoppers into Repeat Customers

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Tips to Convert Diwali Shoppers into Repeat Customers

Remember how Diwali was last week? The great Indian festival of lights is here again, and it’s time to collect ideas for your marketing plan! This year, make sure you’re not just talking about discounts and freebies — there are more ways than ever to nurture your business relationships with loyal Shoppers. Consult these five tips, which will help you build a successful shoppers base this holiday season.

Every year there is a festival that most people look forward to with great eagerness. And this time around for the Hindus, it’s the Diwali celebration. Started by lighting lamps in homes and offices, Diwali has come to mean all the things that can make life easier — firecrackers, bursting fireworks, sweets, and gifts. Yet just like any other festival, Diwali brings its share of fun but also causes certain issues that small businesses are faced with during this time.


1) Make an appointment with a group of customer segments that have specific needs.

Knowing your customers’ buying habits can help you to meet their (specific) needs. If you know your customers’ current buying/buying habits, you can make an appointment with a group of customer segments that have specific needs.

The key is to find the most important segments of the customer base and then work on communicating with them regularly, consistently, and in a way that is relevant to them. Regular meetings will be the building blocks of cultivating a loyal customer base with repeat purchases. If you want to connect with people who are important to your business, get them on your email list!

2) Send coupons and discounts.

Because the holiday season is marked by a spike in sales, send out e-greeting cards, give out samples for customer reviews or offer customer-of-the-day discounts. Ask permission before sending a coupon! Think about how you can Encourage Customers to share their purchases with their friends and contacts.

Approaching customers this way not only ensures that they remain loyal to your business but also helps you retain all of your existing customers.

3) Stay connected on social networks.

The holiday season is an opportune time to get in touch with your past and current customers on social media.

43% of shopper loyalty is based on repeat purchases.

Maybe you want to keep your customers coming back, but many businesses find that they’re not making enough money with repeat business. One great way to increase lifetime value and reduce churn is by leveraging your existing customer base for word-of-mouth marketing. This can be done with a variety of tools, but the three most effective are social media, reviews, and surveys.

Beginning with social media, it’s easy to post an update about your products or services on Facebook and Twitter. On Facebook, in particular, it’s also possible to use status updates or posts from “other friends” to boost engagement.

Of course, word-of-mouth marketing requires that you show your customers that you appreciate their business. This can be done through customer service and promotions, but it’s also important to make sure that your customers are aware of any extra value you offer. One easy way to do this is through the standard “thank you gift” that most businesses offer anyway. And while they may not be worth much in themselves, gifts can still go a long distance if they’re given with a sincere appreciation for your customer’s business.

Another great way to create repeat business is by having reviews of your products and services. Most businesses don’t take the time to review their products, but it can be incredibly valuable. Nearly 50% of customers will read reviews before purchasing, so there are a lot of eyes that could find your business if you use this tool correctly. Customers are always attracted by offers.

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