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Proud to announce: The first-ever animated brand frame feature!

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Proud to announce: The first-ever animated brand frame feature!

Technology is developing by every minute and is here to stay, and so are we. Brands.live is thrilled to announce the launch of the “Animated brand frame feature,” a first for the industry.

In the ever-changing field of marketing, there is always something new and innovative you can do for your company. The festival spirit is in full swing as Diwali draws near. Everybody’s attention is on growing and promoting their business.

Brands.live’s digital marketing experience has always been pleasant and the most simplest.

We strive to be better every day in order to meet all of your business demands. As a result, we are presenting a brand-new function for our app.

What are the advantages of this feature, then?

  • You can expand your audience by downloading an image of your choice that incorporates the message you want to express and it will convert itself into an animated video. 

  • Social media is a form of show business. Your animated image will now seem more tempting because it has the strength of uniqueness.

  • Without spending additional money, your postings appear more professional.

  • The animated graphics that are offered to you have been carefully chosen to reflect the mood, color scheme, and theme of each event. This helps your business keep up with the trend.

In fact, almost everything on brands.live can be done with a couple of simple steps. As we already mentioned, for example, you can download exclusive images with your brand logo with a simple click of a button.

We understand that you’re jumping with joy. It’s no wonder! You’ll no longer only have to use the image bank to create your designs; you’ll be able to create animated images that are adapted to your needs and with the elements, colors, texts, and styles that you need.

Surprised? Well, this is only the beginning. Be a part of the brands.live family to be at the top of your marketing game.

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