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Elevate Your Holiday Social Media Marketing with Brands.live

It’s the season of joy, adopt Santa-approved strategies for businesses, it’s the most wonderful and bustling time of the year. With customers embracing the festive spirit and wallets ready for holiday shopping, it’s essential for businesses to shine on social media. Amid the holiday chaos, maintaining an active and engaging social media presence can be a challenge. Fear not for Brands.live is here to spread Christmas cheer, offering a sleigh full of features to help businesses effortlessly plan, schedule, and deliver captivating content. It is the Season to Plan and Schedule.

The holiday season brings a flurry of online activities, with consumers on the hunt for gift ideas, discounts, and festive content. This is a golden opportunity for businesses to connect with their audience. Yet, without a strategic plan, managing social media during the holiday rush can quickly become overwhelming.


Enter the magic of planning and scheduling.

  • The Importance of Planning

Delve into the significance of having a well-thought-out social media plan during the holiday season. Highlight the benefits of being proactive, such as maintaining consistency, maximizing reach, and freeing up time for other yuletide tasks.

  • The Stress-Free Solution

Introduce Brands.live as the secret weapon for businesses aiming to conquer the holiday social media landscape with ease. Emphasize its user-friendly interface and how it simplifies the planning and scheduling process, giving businesses more time to indulge in the holiday spirit.


Unwrapping Brands.live Features

Brands.live is not just an app; it’s a festive toolkit designed to empower businesses in their social media marketing endeavors. Highlight key features that set Brands.live apart, making it a must-have for businesses looking to sleigh their holiday campaigns.

  • Customizable Templates for Christmas

Explore the variety of merry templates available on the app, from Christmas-themed posts to New Year’s promotions. Showcase how businesses can effortlessly tailor these templates to deck their social media halls with brand identity.

  • Christmas & New Year Business Frames

Illustrate how businesses can frame their products or services in a holiday context using Brands.live’s business frames. Whether it’s a cozy winter setting or a festive office space, these frames add a touch of holiday magic to any post.

  • Posters, Digital Cards, Live Images, and Videos

Highlight the versatility of Brands.live by showcasing its ability to create a wide range of festive content. from eye-catching posters to interactive live videos. Businesses can captivate their audience with a mix of content types, ensuring their social media feeds sparkle with dynamism.


Christmas offer poster


Step into Santa’s Shoes: A Step-by-Step Guide on how to Optimize Brands.live for your Social Media

Now that you understand the importance of planning and have glimpsed the features of Brands.live, this is a short guide through the process of creating a Christmas-themed content calendar.

Step 1: Understanding Your Audience

Dive into their audience demographics and preferences.

Ask yourself these three questions:

  • What does your business provide?
  • Who does it help?
  • What is the customer behavior for your business?


Once you answer these three questions, you will have the answer to your market segment and your customer preferences. By understanding what jingles with your audience, you can tailor their holiday content accordingly.


Step 2: Setting Goals

Define their social media objectives for the holiday season. 

Ask yourself this simple question:

  • What do you want to achieve through social media marketing?


Whether it’s increasing brand awareness, driving sales, or fostering customer engagement, clear goals will help you shape your content strategy.


Step 3: Exploring Brands.live

Brands.live provides 1000+ businesses with One page website, Logo Maker, Business Frame, Digital Business card, Collage maker, Video template and boost post etc. 

As video has maximum proven success. Let’s find out how to use this feature step by step:

  • Click the bottom left “Custom” option on the home page.
  • Select the “Make you Video” option on the screen.
  • Select any video template from 100+ options.
  • Edit all the details according to your linking and business requirements.
  • Finally, you can save this video or directly share across social media platform


Step 4: Creating a Content Calendar

Now comes the irrevocable step. Creating a schedule known as “Content calendar” according to your goals for social media marketing. 

  • 1 Analyze your social media account and its content · 
  • 2. Choose your social media channels· 
  • 3. Decide what type of content it should post according to your target audience.
  • 4. Have a good mix of content across all platforms.


Decide content for at least 4 days a week and be constituent. As discussed before, pre plan the content and have it scheduled through the apps. That will help you constantly update the platforms.



As the holiday season unfolds like a beautifully wrapped present, businesses need a reliable companion to navigate the social media landscape. With Brands.live, they not only gain access to a treasure trove of creative tools but also unlock the power of stress-free planning and scheduling. This Christmas, let Brands.live be your business’s secret Santa for social media success! May your social media be merry and bright!


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