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Top 5 Business Categories with Most Downloads on Brands.live in 2023: Rewinding Bharat ‘23

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Rewinding Bharat ‘23

2023 has been a great year for Bharat; tier 2, 3 and 4 cities of India. Most industries have experienced growth and adaptation in their own ways. Business owners, and especially small business owners have finally learned to leverage social media. And as a result, they have found a better, affordable alternative to costly advertising agencies.

Brands.live is a platform where every business owner can find readymade and customizable templates for their business promotions. They can find product/service promotion posts, festive greetings, invitation templates, flyer templates, etc.

Brands.live has helped promote millions of businesses in 2023. And as we are Rewinding Bharat ‘23, let’s take a look at the most downloaded business categories:

1.   Education 596,580 Downloads

In the last few years, the education industry has changed a lot. Especially because of COVID-19, students started studying online. This made the education industry grow, and they advertised a lot. Brands.live played a key role in this change, offering ready-to-use and customizable images and videos for the education category. Teachers and schools from smaller cities in India downloaded a lot from this category, around 596,580 times.

 2.   Jewellery – 258,530 Downloads

Traditionally, big brands dominated the jewellery market, employing artisans from tier 2, 3, and 4 cities in Bharat. However, a shift has occurred with these artisans leveraging social media, and smaller, handmade jewellery makers finding their niche. The power of digital platforms has allowed these artisans to showcase their craft globally, disrupting the market dynamics. This shift not only empowers local talent but also adds a personalised touch to the jewellery industry, diversifying it and celebrating the unique artistry of Bharat’s smaller communities.

3.   Real Estate – 255,558 Downloads

Builders now heavily rely on social media platforms, to engage with potential property buyers. Post-COVID, there’s a noticeable hike in real estate investments. Most cities have specific developing areas that are expanding the corridor of the city, and they are in dire need to differentiate and be seen among potential property buyers. They strategically leverage social media to find leads. Through 3Ds and elevations of compelling content, including images and videos through Brands.live – card maker online, they showcase their projects, establishing valuable connections. This approach allows them to not only attract potential buyers but also generate leads effectively and efficiently.

 4. Fashion – 227,064 Downloads

The fashion industry needs the power of visuals more than perhaps any other industry. Brands need to keep showing their customers new stuff like collections, deals, and pop-up events all the time. Brands.live helps a lot with this by providing many templates for them to use. These templates make it easy for brands to create nice-looking and consistent messages for people.

5. Mobile Store – 203,866 Downloads

In the age of connectivity, mobile stores in tier 2, 3, and 4 cities are using Brands.live to bridge the gap between their products and the potential customers. The downloads in the “Mobile Store” category indicate a surge in demand for visually appealing content that not only showcases the latest gadgets but also about the offers and much more.

Dear Bharat,

We wish you abundant growth and revenue in 2024. 

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