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December 2022 5th week

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Content calendar: December 2022 5th week

The Last week of December has arrived, and the new year is here. So we will enter 2023. We are here to help you understand next week’s content. As usual, we’ve curated this weekly social media content calendar.

This social media holiday and content calendar is here to help you track important dates every month. Use this to help build out your social media content for the month and for inspiration when you’re unsure of what to post.

Click on any of the dates below to jump to that day, or keep scrolling for important days and hashtags in December 2022-2023, as well as social media post templates and template collections for every day this week.

  • Monday, December 26th, 2022, “Vinayak Chaturthi”
  • Thursday, December 29th, 2022, “Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti”
  • Saturday, December 31st, “Goodbye 2022”
  • Sunday, January 1st, “Happy New Year”


Monday, December 26th, 2022, “Vinayak Chaturthi”

Vinayak Chaturthi is a significant day for Maharashtrian. It is the birthday of Lord Ganesh, the elephant-headed deity. On this day, people perform pooja and fast for their prosperity. Ganesha is known as the God of Wealth, Sciences, Knowledge, Wisdom, and Prosperity, which is why most Hindus remember him and seek his blessings before embarking on any major project.

You can share images and wish customers especially if they are Maharashtrians, this is the best way to build personal relationships that will indirectly benefit you in long term.

Celebrate the day by giving a hashtag

Celebrate the day by posting these templates:


Thursday, December 29th, 2022, “Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti”

The tenth Sikh Guru, Gobind Rai, was a spiritual master, warrior, poet, and philosopher. When his father, Guru Tegh Bahadur, was executed by Aurangzeb at nine, Guru Gobind Singh was formally installed as the Sikhs’ leader. During his lifetime, two of his biological sons were killed in battle and the Mughal governor executed two.

Among his significant contributions to Sikhism was the founding of the Khalsa warrior community in 1699. Guru Gobind ji is one of the most important spiritual figures, and today is a special occasion for the community. The Sikh community is also known for its love of peace. Post about Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti and wish your customers.

Celebrate the day by giving a hashtag

Celebrate the day by posting these templates:


Saturday, December 31st, “Goodbye 2022”

2022 is coming to an end, and we should be excited and prepared to welcome 2023 soon. Goodbye day is observed on December 31st as the last day of the year and a countdown to 2023. There is a lot of joy in the air, and as a businessman, take advantage of it.

Wish all of your customers with images and videos and join in the celebrations. To decorate your store with new year vibes, hold a sale, a contest, or even give away gifts. Make sure your customers have a good time if you want to leave a good impression.

Celebrate the day by giving a hashtag

Celebrate the day by posting these templates:


Sunday, January 1st, “Happy New Year”

New Year’s Day is a worldwide festival celebrated on January 1, the first day of the year in the modern Gregorian calendar. The Julian calendar also has New Year’s Day on January 1st, but it is not the same as the Gregorian calendar.

We are all aware that the new year is a modern festival that India has adopted. It is as grand as Diwali and there is a lot of hype in the market. Every brand and business join the pool and benefits from it. As previously mentioned, you should pay utmost importance to this festival & don’t forget to wish “Happy New Year” to everyone.

Celebrate the day by giving a hashtag

Celebrate the day by posting these templates:

Happy New year from us to you. May your business flourish this fresh year and you make the most of marketing.

Has this event content calendar inspired you to plan your content? Share the love with other business owners who may benefit from this in their social media marketing!

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