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Water is one of the most valuable natural resources but every day it gets wasted in many ways. World Water Monitoring Day is an awareness program that is celebrated every year on 18th September. It was established in 2003 by ACWF for educating people about the necessity of protecting water sources. So if you too want to spread awareness by sharing online posts or want content for your website then we can help you out with that.

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You can make a difference on this World Water Monitoring Day by sharing images on your website or social media platforms to educate the mass netizens about the significance of saving water sources. We have plenty of such images from where you can pick your preferable ones.


Sharing videos is an effective way of encouraging people to educate themselves about the need of saving water. In videos, you can describe content specifying the cause and effects, mentioning the do’s and don'ts, etc for a better understanding of the viewers. You can look into our video collections and choose your ideal ones for sharing.

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