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Tulsidas was a famous poet and a Hindu saint. He was greatly devoted to Lord Rama. He composed Hanuman Chalisa. Tulsidas was born on Shravana, Shukla paksha Saptami which is celebrated as Tulsidas Jayanti. It is said that Tulsidas is another Valmiki, Valmiki has been born again as Tulsidas. Every year Tulsidas Jayanti falls in July or August. This year it is on 4th August. If you want to celebrate this day is there to help you in finding the best Tulsidas Jayanti Images that you can share with your loved ones.

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We celebrate any day as they are memorable for us. That is why we celebrate Tulsidas Jayanti to pay our homage to him. Though they are not present physically, they are always alive in our hearts.

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