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In some countries, the celebrations continue after Christmas. Boxing Day is a bank or public holiday in the United Kingdom and several other countries, such as Scotland, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. It became official in 1871. Boxing Day is traditionally observed on December 26; however, if that date falls on a Saturday, the celebration is moved to the following Monday. If December 26 falls on a Sunday, Boxing Day is observed on the Tuesday following.

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Every December 26, many countries associated with the British empire observe Boxing Day. It began as a day to give gifts to the household staff of Britain's upper classes but has since evolved into its shopping holiday. It's one of the busiest days to return Christmas gifts to stores.

This one-of-a-kind holiday has its origins in both gift-giving and classism. We will tell you what we learned about the roots of Boxing Day. On Boxing Day, December 26, the wealthy could reward their servants and tradespeople with paid time off and small gift boxes filled with trinkets or coins as a token of gratitude for their service during the holidays and throughout the year. Servants and tradespeople made gift boxes for their own families as well.

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