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BCCI’s World Cup Marketing Strategy!

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BCCI’s World Cup Marketing Strategy!

The T20 World Cup is quickly approaching us on 16th Oct and the oh! So famous, IND vs Pak is on 23rd Oct. So let’s take a look at how the BCCI has made billions from the gentleman’s game. It comes down to 4839 crore INR annually.

Apart from that, BCCI’s current deal with Star Sports for the broadcast of India’s home international games is worth 6138 crore INR, which comes down to 1227 crore INR annually. So let’s explore cricket finance today and see how the BCCI generates revenue.

How did BCCI become the biggest cricket organization in the world?

Well, BCCI has ensured that they play the marketing game as skillfully as our cricketers because they recognize the value of marketing.


Here are 3 mind-boggling things BCCI does during every game: 

1. Media rights
2. Title Sponsorship
3. Team Sponsorship


1. Media Rights

When it comes to watching their favorite sport, Indian fans don’t mind skipping a night out. And the BCCI is holding up that challenge. The BCCI has the negotiating leverage because of the massive fan base that is ready with their popcorn every time the men in blue swing the bat. You don’t believe it? The figures then might be helpful.

The 2019 Indian Men’s World Cup received almost 1.6 billion views. Calculators will show you that this is more than 50 times the number of views that any of your favorite Netflix programs would have received.

Back in 2008, the BCCI struck a deal with Multi-Screen Media, Sony Network India, and the World Sports Group (WSG) for 10 years of Indian Premier League broadcasting rights for a total of INR 8200 crore.

2. Title Sponsorship

Title sponsorship is the second most important source of revenue for the BCCI. Attaching the company’s name to one of the country’s most important cricket championship titles is undoubtedly one of the most prominent advertising opportunities. 

Yes, title sponsorship has been a significant source of revenue for the BCCI in recent years. The company that sponsors the title of a cricket event receives the most exposure, which means more advertising space, a larger logo, a better time slot, the company’s name and logo over the trophy area, and much more.

For the next four years, the rights to the title sponsorship have been sold to One97 communications, the company that owns Paytm. The company has paid the BCCI approximately INR 203.28 crore in terms of money.

3. Team Sponsorship

Now, who doesn’t want to sponsor the biggest cricket team in the world? So naturally, official team sponsorship is another significant contribution to the BCCI’s revenue model.

Sahara India Pvt.Ltd was the official team sponsor of India for a long time. However, the crown was quickly passed on to Star Sports and then to OPPO.

BYJU’s is now the official team sponsor of the Indian Cricket team as of 2019. According to reports, BYJU’s contract with the BCCI is worth INR 1079 crores for September 2019 to March 2022.

Other forms of Marketing are used throughout the events, such as stadium tickets, a percentage of franchise earnings, and so on. All of this contributes to the massive picture of the BCCI’s total revenue earned through its IPL brand.

The most robust cricket board in the world focuses on marketing in this manner, and as a result, it has the most revenue. Marketing is the king right now, and Brands.live can teach you how to control the kingdom if you want to. Support your company in starting its digital marketing journey.

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