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Skanda Sashti is observed in November. On this day, Lord Subramanya defeated the demon Taraka. On this day, elaborate festivals with great pomp and grandeur are held. Devotees organize large-scale Bhajan and Kirtan programs. Thousands are lavishly fed. Many incurable diseases can be cured by visiting Palani and worshipping Lord Subramanya. The Lord's Lilasgets dramatized on stage in South India.

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In addition to Skanda Sashti, Lord Subramanya devotees observe weekly and monthly days in His honor. Every Friday, KartigaiNakshatram day, and the sixth day of the bright fortnight are all sacred days for His devotees. The sixth day of Tulum (October-November) is the most promising. In many places, the festival begins six days before the Sashti and ends on the day of the Sashti. During these days, devotees recite inspirational hymns and read stories about Lord Subramanya. They pray to the Lord and drink Kavadi. They visit the various Subramanya shrines on pilgrimage.

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