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The goals of National Pollution Control Day are to reduce pollution and increase public awareness of how we continue to abuse the environment. Every year on December 2nd, this day is marked in honor of those lost in the Bhopal Gas Tragedy in 1984. On December 2 and 3, 1984, the Bhopal Gas Tragedy occurred in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. One of the biggest industrial disasters in history, according to reports, was this fatal chemical discharge.

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Approximately 45 tons of methyl isocyanate broke free from an insecticide factory owned by the Indian division of Union Carbide Corporation. This extremely toxic gas quickly spread throughout the densely populated neighborhood and killed thousands of people. Thousands of individuals raced out of Bhopal amid the carnage and fear. come up with expert designers who have ample experience in creating National Pollution Control Day Images and Videos.

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