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A logo is your client’s first impression of you. So make sure that it expresses exactly what your business stands for. A good logo comprises many small things. Small adjustments can make a big difference. Here are some points to keep in mind while making the perfect logo.


  • Be conceptual, not literal.

Conveying your design concepts with out-of-the-box ideas creates a long-lasting impression. Don’t stick to the conventional literal conceptualization. Get creative in portraying your ideas.


  • Be creative with how you use space.

Sometimes a design is more about how much space it leaves than how much it takes. Experiment with your space through sizing and alignment. It might just make your logo more impactful.


  • Use a different background for contrast.

Never dull out your logo. Use colors that contrast each other to bring out the important elements.


  • Understand how to use calligraphy.

While using calligraphy, always make sure that your text is easily readable. All capital letters in calligraphy often lead to unreadability in text. Use your fonts correctly. The clearer the text, the more impactful it will be.


  • Be proportionate with your taglines.

Always make sure your tagline looks smaller than your title. Proportion is very important to clarify what’s important and let the viewer focus on it more efficiently.


  • Let your logo breathe with some white space.

Use negative space inside your frame to give your logo some space. It makes things look much clearer and removes the danger of a cramped view.


  • Be sure to size your icon correctly.

Balance out your logo by giving your icon a proper size. The icon shouldn’t be heavier than the title to avoid losing focus and is big enough to be centralized as the brand symbol.


Lastly, make sure your creativity matches up to your concepts.

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