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IP awareness mission: Excelon IP’s Journey with Brands.live

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Introduction to Excelon IP

Excelon IP, led by Sanjaykumar Patel, is a full-service Intellectual Property Right (IPR) service provider. Guiding clients ranging from early-stage start-ups to multinational corporations (MNCs) across several industries, Excelon IP is dedicated to protecting intellectual property in India and around the globe. Established with extensive intellectual capital in the field of IP rights, Excelon IP serves as a one-stop solution for all IP-related matters. The team, composed of attorneys, analysts, chemists, pharmacists, and engineers, strives to make the IP protection process smooth and value-driven, characterized by clarity and transparency.

Navigating the Intellectual Property Landscape

In today’s dynamic environment, intellectual property holds significant importance, catering to the protection and commercialization of innovations across diverse sectors. As businesses continue to innovate, there is a growing demand for robust IP solutions that can secure and leverage these innovations effectively. The main challenge in the business world is about lack of awareness about intellectual property.

Strategic Approach of Excelon IP to Create IP Awareness

Excelon IP has strategically adopted Brands.live to achieve its mission of spreading IP Awareness across various segments, including schools, colleges, startups, MSMEs, and large corporates. This integration has revolutionized their IP awareness strategies through the use of ready-to-use images and templates available on Brands.live. Excelon IP has utilized different options available on Brands.live to create content in various languages, thus reaching people from different regions and with different literacy levels. Additionally, they have effectively utilized Business Marketing Posters to enhance their outreach and engagement.

Impact of Brands.live on Excelon IP

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To extend its reach and enhance its IP awareness campaign, Excelon IP adopted Brands.live. This integration has significantly transformed their IP Awareness activities:

Dynamic Social Media Campaigns

Excelon IP utilizes Brands.live to curate informative IP Awareness content. With a collection of over multiple images and the use of more than 5 different frames, they create engaging posts that effectively convey the basics of intellectual property.

Enhancing Online Interaction

Brands.live has empowered Excelon IP to achieve their IP Awareness mission nationally and internationally. Their visually appealing content generates increased online interactions to all who want to know about intellectual property. This strategic use of multimedia has proven instrumental in expanding their reach and fostering community engagement within the IP industry.

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Excelon IP, under the leadership of Sanjaykumar Patel, has effectively leveraged Brands.live to achieve their goal of creating IP Awareness to people from different segments and regions. By utilizing innovative IP awareness campaigns and maintaining a robust digital presence, they continue to be a source for getting all intellectual property related information. Excelon IP is of the belief that knowing and using Intellectual Property is a basic right of everyone.

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