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Soil degradation causes some soils to become nutrient depleted, losing their ability to support crops. In contrast, others have such high nutrient concentrations that they are toxic to plants and animals, pollute the environment, and cause climate change. World Soil Day (#WorldSoilDay) and its campaign "Soils: Where Food Begins" aim to raise awareness of the importance of maintaining healthy ecosystems and human well-being by addressing growing challenges in soil management, raising soil awareness, and encouraging societies to improve soil health.

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The International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS) proposed an international day to celebrate soil. The United Nations, Food and Agriculture Organization has supported the formal establishment of World Soil Day as a global awareness-raising platform within the framework of the Global Soil Partnership. In June 2013, the FAO Conference unanimously endorsed World Soil Day and requested that the 68th UN General Assembly officially adopt it. The United Nations General Assembly responded in December 2013 by declaring 5 December 2014 as the first official World Soil Day.

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