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During the winter of 1998, Pakistani intruders crossed the Line of Control (LoC) into Indian Territory, sparking the Kargil War. They established themselves in fortified defenses overlooking the NH 1A in the Drass and Batalik Sectors of Kargil, Ladakh. The war lasted from May 8, 1999, to July 26, 1999, when India completed Operation Vijay. On the 23rd anniversary of its victory over Pakistan in the Kargil War, India will honor the heroic sacrifices and bravery of the fallen heroes by retaking various mountain heights taken by Pakistani intruders in Kashmir on July 26, 2022.

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The Indian Air Force got told not to cross the Line of Control at Kargil. Because most of the enemy was virtually on the LoC, fighter pilots had to devise new attack angles. The bravery of Indian forces eventually defeated Pakistani forces, and they were forced to withdraw from the Indian territory they had occupied on July 26, 1999.

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