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Years of life gone, larger inequities, and financial hardships are all consequences of childhood cancer. This circumstance should and can alter. The goal of International Childhood Cancer Day is to increase public awareness of childhood cancer and to show support for children and teenagers who have the disease, their families, and cancer survivors. Participate in the Campaign for International Childhood Cancer Day to spread awareness! Utilize our distinctive and interesting material when you post on social media.

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Cancer is not something that we want in our society. Especially, when it comes to childhood cancer, we become more sensitive. If you are a sensible person and want to make other people aware of this dangerous life-threatening disease that kills a significant number of children worldwide, you can incorporate our International Childhood Cancer Day Images into your post which will enhance its impact on people.


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The world marks International Childhood Cancer Day on February 15 each year. The day respects all children and families affected by childhood cancer while also bringing attention to the condition. It gives individuals room to mourn and grieve while acknowledging their suffering and challenges. Cancer continues to be the greatest cause of disease-related death for children over the age of one despite advancements in medicine and medical technology. In addition to being traumatizing, childhood cancer necessitates particular care and treatment.

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